• 1)Boil at least 600 grams of water.
  • 2)Place the filter in the dripper.
  • 3)Slightly moisten the filter.
  • 4)After waiting for a short period, add 30 grams (roughly three tablespoons) of coarsely ground coffee to the filter and level the surface.Place the dripper on a glass carafe, place the entire set up on a digital scale and zero it.
  • 5)Four pours are required to prepare the coffee. The first pour introduces the coffee grounds to water. Starting from the outside edge, begin pouring in a circular fashion toward the center of the grounds. When the scale reads 60 grams, stop pouring and make sure that all the coffee grounds are fully saturated. The pour should last 30 seconds. Wait another 30 seconds before starting the second pour.

Pour hot water in a circular motion, starting from the center and rotating out towards the edges and then back into the center. Adding 90 grams of water, you should reach 150 grams. This process more evenly distributes water among the grounds. Wait for 50 - 60 seconds after this step.

After the second pour, while the coffee and water mix drips through the filter, when the water sinks to the level of the coffee, pour an additional 100 grams of water. This should last 15 - 20 seconds and the total amount of water poured should reach 250 grams.

In the fourth and final step, pour 100 grams of water in 20 seconds. Having poured a total of 350 grams of water over the coffee grounds, your coffee is now ready.