Love, success, money, fortune: the art of reading coffee grounds is as old as coffee itself. Coffee fortune telling was born out of Turkish Coffee and is an inseparable part of the pleasure and conversation associated with coffee.

This ritual spread to Europe at the end of the 17th century when it became fashionable in Paris, from where it spread to Austria, Hungary and Germany.

After the coffee is drunk the cup is placed upside down on its saucer. The person whose fortune is to be read says, “Let my fortune match my state”. After the cup has thoroughly cooled, the fortuneteller examines the patterns formed by the grounds. The aim is generally to impart good news and to promote a positive outlook on the future.

The shapes and patterns left by the grounds on the cup and saucer have various symbolic meanings:

This signifies that your greatest dreams will suddenly come true.
A reminder that one shouldn’t believe everything one hears. Be careful. If you believe everybody all the time you may regret it in the end.
Great efforts are needed to win the heart of a person. You must make sacrifices.
A sign of money. In the near future money is going to come your way.
A sign of a happy event. It might be the sign of an engagement or you might be invited to a wedding.
This shows that you will unexpectedly run into a friend. This friend is going to do you a good turn.
This shows that the outcome of a governmental or legal matter in which you are involved will be in your favour.
A sign of success. You will work very hard and be rewarded with great success.
A sign that goods or cargo are coming your way.
You will very shortly receive some money. But you must be prudent.
This means that you will receive news from an old friend or will make a new one. It is generally an indication of a good conversation.
A friend will ask for your help. Never take this lightly; lend a helping hand.
You will take an overland journey and on your return you will encounter great luck.
An indication of travel. It may be a short or long trip. It may also mean an investment.
You will receive a present. It can also indicate easy money.
You will go on a long vacation. You will meet new people and see new places.
There are two meanings to this sign: the first indicates the existence of someone who is jealous of you, the second shows that there is a person who follows you with interest.
A sea voyage is in the offing. Either you will go on a sea voyage or you will go on a business trip by sea.
Your luck is turning for the better. Your plans for marriage are on the right track and you will be promoted to a higher position or rank.
You will have a new adventure or enter a new friendship. If the points are very close to each other, you will have to show a little patience.
A sign of happy marriage or the beginning of happy days within the family.
A sign that you may move out of your home. It may also mean winning somebody’s heart. If there is a leaf nearby, discretion is called for.
An indication of an undecided friendship. It means that you must be more determined and resolute. Be careful.
A sign that you will spend a great deal of money. Be careful and prudent.