Coffee tasting, also called ”cupping”, is the sensory evaluation of coffee, which assesses more than just taste.

The senses of smell, taste and ”feel” are all involved in this analysis. Smell and taste are very dependent on each other and difficult to separate in assessment. The sense of ”feel” involved in assessing coffee evaluates the coffee’s body. All coffee is only purchased after being tested in this manner.

Every day, the tasting team at Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi samples the flavour of the raw coffee beans in order to make the necessary analysis.

Coffee Tasters’ Terminology

Fragrance: The term used in evaluating the smell of ground coffee.

Aroma: Based on the flavours identified in the coffee, many different terms are used to describe its characteristics: fruity, nutty, bitter, spicy, winey or chocolate-like…

Taste: The term used in evaluating the flavour of the coffee.

Nose: The term used in evaluating the fragrance of brewed coffee.

Acidity: A desirable attribute in coffee. It indicates the sharpness and bitterness of certain types of coffee.

Body: A term used to describe the physical consistency of the beverage in the mouth.

Bouquet: After evaluating the fragrance, aroma and taste, this term is used to describe the lasting impression of the combination of these factors.

Bitterness: A sharp, biting taste. Not an entirely undesirable attribute. This attribute can be enhanced or diminished according to the method by which the coffee is roasted and prepared.